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    Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia - 22-25 October, 2019

    Dear all,

    Since 2002 the Colombian Ornithological Society (ACO, by the Spanish acronym) has been working to encourage the scientific study and conservation of birds in Colombia. Once every four years, the ACO organizes the Colombian Ornithological Conference - CCO (Congreso Colombiano de Ornitología), with presentations, posters, and workshops. Although our primary interest is to encourage young ornithologists to present their work to the ornithological community in Colombia, we also want to include researchers and graduate students from outside Colombia that have an interest in Neotropical ornithology. This year our VI-CCO will be in the lovely city of Ibagué (Tolima) during 22-25 October, 2019.  Take a look at the conference website.

    We invite you to submit talks/posters, or participate as a sponsor.  You can submit a talk directly through the conference website.  If you want to help support our conference, please consider being a sponsor. Our sponsors are an essential part of this conference, allowing us to provide scholarships to low-income students and support the logistics of the conference. We have the following sponsorship categories:

    • Spizaetus isidori (Black-and-chestnut Eagle): different purposes for logistics of the conference. Since US$1,600.00
    • Vultur gryphus (Andean Vulture): support an international keynote speaker, including transportation to and from Ibagué, lodging, and meals. Since US$1,600.00
    • Buteogallus solitarius (Solitary Eagle): support a national keynote speaker, including transportation to and from Ibagué, lodging, and meals. Since US$800.00
    • Oxypogon cyanolaemus (Blue-throated Hillstar): support 250 merchandising kits to the participants. Each kit includes a pen, a notebook, and a bag. Since US$250.00

    Scholarships for low-income but high-academic level students:

    • Chlorostilbon olivaresi (Chiribiquete Emerald): 55 awards by US$4,800.00
    • Macroagelaius subalaris (Mountain Grackle): 50 awards by US$4,300.00
    • Grallaria urraoensis (Urrao Antpitta): 45 awards by US$3,900.00
    • Crax alberti (Blue-billed Curassow): 40 awards by US$3,500.00
    • Rallus semiplumbeus (Bogota Rail): 35 awards by US$3,000.00
    • Anthocephala berlepschi (Tolima Blossomcrown): 30 awards by US$2,600.00
    • Ramphomicron dorsale (Black-backed Thornbill): 25 awards by US$2,200.00
    • Diglossa gloriosissima (Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer): 20 awards by US$1,700.00
    • Penelope perspicax (Cauca Guan): 15 awards by US$1,300.00
    • Leptotila conoveri (Tolima Dove): 10 awards by US$860.00
    • Psarocolius cassini (Baudo Oropendola): 5 awards by US$430.00
    • Pyrrhura calliptera (Brown-breasted Parakeet): 1 award by US$90.00

    The sponsor will be recognized on the webpage and material of the conference. Besides, depending on the type of sponsorship, you can use our space during the meeting for publicity banner and will receive two entrance to the conference (only to sponsorships bigger than US$800.00)

    We hope you can be part of our event. For additional information, you can contact the email congreso@ornitologiacolombiana.com



    Comité Organizador VICCO

    Asociación Colombiana de Ornitología ACO


    NIT 830.118.001-7

    Personería Jurídica S0019386

    Cellphone/WhatsApp +57 315 261 7130

    Colombia, Sur América 

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    Meeting Description:



    Cada tres años la Asociación Colombiana de Ornitología ACO realiza el Congreso Colombiano de Ornitología, un espacio para la difusión del conocimiento científico de las aves en pro de su conservación a través de presentaciones orales o carteles, conferencias y cursos.

    Del 8 al 11 de noviembre de 2016 en la ciudad de Medellín se llevará a cabo la quinta versión del congreso liderado por la Asociación Colombiana de Ornitología ACO junto a la Universidad de Antioquia.

    El comité organizador invita a toda la comunidad nacional e internacional a participar del evento académico más importante de la ornitología en el país.


    Meeting Website: http://vcongresocolombianodeornitologia.org/


    Click here to view the meeting

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