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  1. KUPU/NARS AVIAN CONSERVATION FIELD ASSISTANT – Hilo, Hawaii October 2019-August 2020 We are looking for a KUPU intern to participate in a variety of activities associated with the Natural Area Reserves System (NARS) with the state of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW). We are based out of Hilo, Hawaii but manage 8 reserves encompassing >95,000 acres on the Big Island. https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/ecosystems/nars/hawaii-island/ Duties include various resource management and monitoring activities associated with native bird conservation focusing on endangered species such as the Akiapola’au (Hemignathus wilsoni), Alawi (Loxops mana), Akepa (Loxops coccineus), Alala (Corvus hawaiiensis), 'Ake'ake (Oceanodroma castro) and Ua’u (Pterodroma sandwhichensis). Activities include assisting in the capture, banding, radio-tagging, telemetry tracking, re-sighting of banded forest birds, and identifying birds by sight and sound for forest bird point count surveys. Also assists with seabird management including nocturnal surveys, remote sensing, and predator control. Habitat management techniques include small mammal monitoring and trapping, mosquito monitoring, fence-building and native plant seed collection and outplanting. Throughout the year, interns will be exposed to a great variety of conservation management activities and field sites. The successful applicant will possess ability to work independently, at high altitudes, in cold and rainy or hot and dry conditions. We regularly work out of primitive camps in remote locations. Ability to work around and fly in approved helicopters. Benefits include: Earn a $1,600 monthly living allowance (subject to taxes) Earn a $6,095 Education Award (similar to a scholarship) towards higher education Opportunity for interest earned on certain educational loans (during the service term) to be paid for by AmeriCorps Complete over 1700 hours of environmental community service Health care and childcare benefits (if eligible) Receive an in-depth entry-level environmental experience from an agency that interests you Develop a strong relationship and serve side-by-side with a single site manager for 11 months Help protect Hawaii’s natural resources and make a positive impact in your community! Most field equipment An opportunity to work in Hawaiian forests and gain field experience in avian conservation with highly endangered species and in ecosystem management and exposure to many conservation partners in Hawaii. To apply and for more information about the Kupu Americorps position, please see: https://www.kupuhawaii.org/conservation/. Priority deadline to apply is June 30. Two letters of recommendation are required. Please indicate “Bird” as your topic of interset or "Hawaii Island - Department of Land and Natural Resources - Division of Forestry and Wildlife - Avian (B, E, G,I)" as your preferred site on your application. This is a position supported by the State of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife and US AmeriCorps and administered by KUPU Hawaii. The position will be supervised by the Endangered Forest Bird Field Supervisor within the Natural Area Reserve Program of Hawaii Island DOFAW, based in Hilo. Applicants must provide their own airfare to Hilo, Hawaii, if applicable. If you have any further questions please email alex.x.wang@hawaii.gov or call 808-937-7924.
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