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  1. A new meeting has been added to the [url='http://ornithologyexchange.org/meetings/index.html?sort_col=field_153&sort_order=asc&per_page=15&filters[227][u]=1']Ornithology Meetings[/url] database. [b]{key}:[/b] The BirdsCaribbean 22nd International Conference will be held from 25-29 July 2019 in Le Gosier, Guadeloupe. Conference information is available (and will continue to be updated) on the BirdsCaribbean Conference Website. The conference will feature exciting keynote speakers, symposia, workshops and discussions related to the conservation of Caribbean birds and nature. The conference theme is “Keeping Caribbean Birds Aloft”. This theme conveys that we are actively working to solve the problems birds and humans face, both in the short- and long-term, and together we will keep birds soaring aloft. There will also be opportunities to explore Guadeloupe—its birds, mountains, beaches, and nearby islands through a number of mid, pre and post-conference field trips. Come ready to immerse yourself in a beautiful, and unique culture found nowhere else but the French West Indies. We invite you to join us for an ocean-side, action-packed conference! If you would like to receive news and updates about this conference and Caribbean birds, please sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and join our listserve (Yahoo discussion group). #BirdsCarib2019 [b]{key}:[/b] https://sites.google.com/site/birdscaribbeanconference2019/home?authuser=0 View full meeting
  2. Connecting with Nature through Birds. We cordially invite you to attend SCSCB's 18th Regional Meeting, to be held on the beautiful island of Grand Bahama, co-hosted by the Bahamas National Trust. The theme of the meeting is Connecting with Nature Through Birds. Many sessions and training workshops will focus on aspects of this theme, that is, finding ways to engage a larger and more diverse constituency more effectively by inspiring interest in nature, and encouraging people to recognize and utilize the economic values of birds and habitats. Ultimately, we hope to help build the capacity of our members and partners to develop a conservation ethic in local people and increase their commitment to and involvement in conservation action. This theme is strongly linked to work that was initiated at the 2009 meeting in Antigua on sustainable bird and nature tourism and that will be continued at this meeting as well (through a workshop to develop SCSCB’s Caribbean Birding Trail). Keynote speakers include John Robinson, Ted Eubanks, and Pete Marra. The program includes workshops, sessions and/or roundtable discussions on: Working with decision makers to conserve birds and habitats: Case studies and success stories from the - Bahamas and the Caribbean - Symposia and Panel Discussion Engaging people in birds, birding, nature and conservation: Citizen science, outreach, education and awareness initiatives on birds Sustainable bird and nature tourism: Practical advice and success stories to help you develop your programs Effective use of the media to raise public awareness about birds and conservation issues Social Media: Engage or die. Presented by Scott Bonertz, Public Information Manager, Information and Education Division NE Game and Parks Commission Radio and Caribbean Birds. Presented by Leo Douglas, SCSCB Media Officer, and Alleyne Regis, PCI Media Impact Managing human-wildlife conflicts: hunting, crop predation, invasive species and more Climate change, landscape conservation and full life cycle stewardship of birds The Caribbean Waterbird Census: a new tool to engage communities and gather data for conservation and management of waterbirds and wetlands Applied research for the conservation and management of Caribbean Birds Funding and new project opportunities for bird conservation, management, and research The Kirtland’s Warbler Research and Training Project: Results and lessons learned from 10 years of international collaborative work Shorebird hunting in the Caribbean - Roundtable discussion There will be two additional special workshops - one on ecotourism (July 20th, the day before the SCSCB meeting starts), facilitated by The International Ecotourism Society, and a Seabird Summit Workshop (July 26th, the day after the meeting). Please visit the meeting website for more information and to register. Early bird registration has been extended to June 15th, 2011.
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