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  1. Ph.D. position in bird migration forecasting and validation Project: The lower atmosphere is a heterogeneous, dynamic habitat that is occupied by a host of organisms such as birds, bats and insects. The scope, scale, and vastness of this habitat requires a revision of our understanding of the ecology of airspace, a new frontier known as aeroecology. Yet as our recognition of airspace as a habitat grows, so must the tools to quantify, characterize, and predict the movement of organisms through these spaces. Ecological forecasting of bird movements at relevant spatial and temporal scales pr
  2. Position: Ph.D. graduate research assistant (two positions available). The positions are funded under research assistantships for three years, including summer salary and full tuition waiver. Students will be supported by teaching assistantships or other research assistantships beyond these three years. Project: This proposal has two objectives: (1) understand how global environmental change has impacted seasonal timing and population abundance of aerial insectivores over the past 25 years and (2) determine drivers of recent within and between seasonal variation in timing and abundance. A
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