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  1. A new meeting has been added to the =1']Ornithology Meetings database. Meeting Description: This year we find ourselves in a unique situation. A situation in which science-deniers now make the rules and are rolling back environmental protections, cutting budgets for research and the preservation of natural history and cultural resources. Many people have Marched for Science and now, more than ever, it's important to promote opportunities to communicate science with the general public and to show support for researchers alike. 2017 will mark the fifth consecutive year for the Ohio avian Research conference, which brings together professional academics, citizen scientists, museum workers, agency and non-profit biologists, students and birders from all over Ohio to share the latest information with one another about their research work both locally and globally. This year's conference will be held on Saturday, October 14th once again at Denison University in Granville. Dr. Steven Beissinger, President of the American Ornithological Society (formerly AOU) will be this year’s keynote speaker. Dr. Beissinger earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Miami University of Ohio. Dr. Beissinger has been recognized as a Fellow of the London Zoological Society and the American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU), where he chaired the Conservation Committee and was elected as a councilor. In 2010 he received the William Brewster Award from the AOU for publication of the most meritorious body of work on birds of the Western Hemisphere over the past decades. He has served on the Board of Governors of the Society for Conservation Biology, National Academy of Sciences Committee for the Restoration of the Everglades, Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society, Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team, U.S. National Committee to the International Union of Biological Sciences, and U.S. National Committee of Diversitas. He has served on the editoriall boards of Conservation Biology,Ecology and Ecology Letters. Read more here: https://tinyurl.com/n3fhju4 Meeting Website: http://tuckercasey.wixsite.com/aacri-birds/oarc2017 Click here to view the meeting
  2. A new meeting has been added to the =1']Ornithology Meetings database. Meeting Description: This annual conference brings together professional ornithologists from museums and other academic institutions, high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, government agencies, as well as non-professional researchers and citizen scientists alike from all over Ohio to present and share their research projects with one another and with other interested individuals through oral and poster presentations. Meeting Website: http://tuckercasey.wix.com/aacri-birds#!oarc2016/djj57 Click here to view the meeting
  3. Meeting Description: The goal in organizing the Ohio Avian Research Conference is to promote the idea that direct involvement and support of scientific research at multiple levels is necessary for furthering our knowledge of birds for the benefit of their conservation. This conference is an opportunity to bring together professional academic and agency researchers with students and citizen scientists to share their work with one another and with interested audiences seeking new information & potentially new opportunities. Due to the success of last year's conference this year's conference will be even better: •This year's conference will be an official state-level conference of the American Ornithologist's Union (AOU). •Secondly we are working with the Ohio Young Birders Club to highlight more first-hand bird research by high school students. This includes a specially designated oral presentation, and hopefully more poster presentations as well. •Last year over $300 was awarded in student presentation awards to undergraduate and graduate presenters be several different organizations, including the Ohio Biological Survey (OBS). OBS has again committed to offering another student presentation award this year. We are also working to establish an endowed presentation award that will be awarded annually as part of this conference. This award will honor Dr. David Osborne of Miami University, who's previous grad students are considered some of the most successful and leading ornithologists in academia and conservation today ( This award has been set up through the Oxford Ohio Community Foundation. •The keynote presenter this year is Dr. Bernadette Plair of the College of Mt. St. Joseph, in Cincinnati, and the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife (CREW) at the Cincinnati Zoo. Dr. Plair will be presenting her work on restoring Blue-&-Gold Macaw's back to her native Trinidad, where they had been formerly extirpated In addition to the AOU the Ohio Avian Research Conference 2014 is financially supported by Kaufman Field Guides and Columbus Audubon, and is endorsed by the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative (OBCI), USFWS in Ohio as well as the Migratory Bird Division of the USFWS Meeting Website: http://tuckercasey.wix.com/aacri-birds/#!oarc2014/cd8o Click here to view the meeting
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