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  1. Experienced Bird Bander (i.e. capable of being added to BBL permit as sub-permittee) needed for project monitoring House Sparrows and other species for porcine deltacoronavirus in Ohio (a strain of coronavirus that may be transmitted by birds to pigs). Project involves working on private lands to capture and sample birds for virus monitoring, collecting mouth swabs, blood and fecal samples. Other duties will include data management, sample processing, and assisting with other banding projects. Transportation will be via state vehicle. Position duration is approx. 6 weeks NOTE: housing no
  2. Went to price one from Sandpiper Technologies, but their website is extremely out of date (by 7-8 years)...anyone know if they are still in business, or if any other company that still makes them? Thanks!
  3. The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, in conjunction with the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (http://SMconservation.gmu.edu), are excited to announce a new intensive two week course in Front Royal, VA, USA: Ecology and Conservation of Migratory Birds. The course builds on the expertise of the Migratory Bird Center incorporating concepts surrounding the ecology and evolution of migration, migratory connectivity, breeding and non-breeding life history, population dynamics, and the ecological services that migratory birds provide. This course is designed to capitalize on this expe
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