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  1. Ruth really helped me in my data-gathering of blood from least terns throughout the United States. I was able to show, by sampling blood from populations in California, the Mississippi River, Massachusetts, Maine, and at Ruth's colonies in Virginia, that there was gene flow among these disparate populations. I recall accompanying her one island colony, with my 8 year old daughter Hanna, and finding that dogs had gotten onto the colony since Ruth's last visit, and there were only two chicks left. We did not take any blood from them, but Ruth had banded them earlier, so she was still follow
  2. Pat and Gerry Sanger were hired as lead division heads of seabird surveys and colony research respectively by the OBS-CE (Office of Biological surveys and coastal ecosystems) of the USFWS in 1976 during the OCSEAP program. Eventually the OBS-CE joined with the USGS. Pat remained with the federal government for a few years and then transferred to DC, eventually retiring in Colorado where he was active in some natural history societies near Florence.
  3. I ordered 4 geolocators with flags for Least Terns, and we were only able to use two. The flags are engraved with black letters and can easily be read with binoculars. They are USGS BBL size 1A. They were first initialized on 19 April 2016 and they last for a year. At present they are in a refrigerator and sleeping. If anyone would like to purchase them, please contact me at pab7@sfu.ca thanks.
  4. A new meeting has been added to the =1']Ornithology Meetings database. Meeting Description: The 2016 Seabird Group Conference will be held in Edinburgh, from the 6-9th September 2016 and is being organised by Francis Daunt and colleagues at CEH. This year our conference will be held over three days, expanding by popular demand from the traditional two day format. Registration will open on the 4th of January, and the Early Bird and abstract deadlines are the 15th of April. More information will be circulated over the coming months on our conference webpage, in our next newsletter, and
  5. Plan for the IOC 2018 now. You can help choose the content by having Symposia in your specialty or with Plenary speakers in your field. Call for nominations for Plenary Speakers http://www.iocongress2018.com/call-for-plenary Call for Symposia Proposals http://www.iocongress2018.com/call-for-symposia. For information about the Congress or Vancouver, please visit the website: http://www.iocongress2018.com/
  6. Announcing the 2015 Annual Meeting of PSG in San Jose - A Future for Seabirds. Registration is open and abstract submission has begun. Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Jose. Please use the on-line system for everything. To submit abstracts, register, purchase field trips, banquet tickets, and merchandise, just access RegOnLine www.regonline/psg.2015 Travel awards are available for presenting students (all countries) and international scientists (except US and Canada). Check the PSG website for details http://pacificseabirdgroup.org/index.php?f=meeting&t=Annual%20
  7. The Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) is also on Twitter. Job announcements, academic research positions, conservation issues affecting seabirds and shorebirds, and general articles about the ocean, climate change, fish, marine mammals, and other relevant information are also posted. Meeting announcements for international meetings as well as annual meetings are also posted here. Below is the link to the site. https://twitter.com/pacificseabird
  8. PSG has a Facebook page where information on conservation, seabirds, shorebirds, oceanography, climate change, fish, international bird meetings, jobs, and both graduate and undergraduate research positions are posted. Information on PSG's annual meeting is also posted there. Additionally, interesting scientific articles pertaining to the ocean are also occasionally posted. You cannot leave comments publicly, but you can contact the person who manages the site (the Secretary of PSG who is myself through Feb 2015) and leave comments, or you can request to have something posted. Her
  9. The International Ornithological Union has accepted a bid to hold the 27th International Ornithological Congress (IOC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in August 2018. Bob Elner, as Congress Convener, invites your society and members to participate as well as consider the date when planning your Society's meeting in 2018. Also, in the coming months, he will be soliciting support and financial contributions from ornithological organizations in order to make this IOC the most successful ever. As for previous congresses, the 27th IOC will have a full range of plenary lectures, symposia, w
  10. FOR SEABIRD RESEARCHERS, MANAGERS, ENTHUSIASTS... Did the meeting's abstract deadline pass you by? Fear not! The deadline has been extended through December 30. Please follow the instructions for abstract submission posted on PSG's website and send your submission to Doug Forsell: http://www.pacificseabirdgroup.org/index.php?f=meeting&t=Annual#ASI Please fire away if you would like give a paper or poster at PSG in Portland - even if, like most of our Federal colleagues, you are not yet certain whether you will attend. And, to register for the meeting, please go to: http://ww
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