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  1. I am looking for driven and energetic students and researchers interested in working with tropical birds in Colombia. My project will take place between early February (~10) to and late July (~20) 2018 at three field stations (Anchicayá 3°32'32.20"N 76°52'39.08"W; Tatamá 5°13'47.96"N, 76° 5'1.51"W and Icesi Univeristy Station 3°24'40.98"N, 76°39'5.31"W). The first are located on the western slope (Choco region) and the last one in the eastern slope. Two are located very close to Cali (~1-3 hours) and Tatamá is aprox 5 hours from Cali. The sites cover an elevation gradient from 600-2600 m, the
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