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  1. Bird Conservation Research, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a publicly supported non-profit foundation that provides original scientific data for driving conservation action. It also develops high-level educational resources for the science teaching community. The foundation’s focus is on the most diverse wildlife group, the birds, and on the habitats that support them. BCR has received numerous grants to conduct research. This research has produced a variety of publications, including two books. The first book, Forest Birds of the Last Green Valley, is a natural resource atlas for conservation planners. It was distributed to all town conservation commissions in the study area (eastern Connecticut) at no charge. The second book, Discover the Critical Habitats of Connecticut, explores natural history and conservation issues for a target audience of families, upper level high school students and community college students. This book is the principal basis for our video series on New England habitats. We also have developed a series of PowerPoint presentations and lab activities for AP Environmental Science students. Most of our products are freely available via our web site.
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