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  1. GCBOJobDescription2020.docx
  2. Education and Outreach Manager - Job Description 2019 - updated.doc
  3. Project: Beach Nesting Birds, April 15 – July 15, 2019 Project: Rollover Pass Endangered Species Monitoring, undetermined start date, five months in duration Compensation: $2500 per month plus field housing. This is an independent consulting position. It does not include benefits; a 1099 will be issued for salary earned and contractor is required to submit regular mileage reports. Hours: Beach Nesting Birds position works Tuesday through Saturday and requires working some combination of holidays (Memorial Day/July 4th/Labor Day). Rollover Pass Closure position works Monday through Friday with some weekends depending on contractor schedule. Job Description (Beach Nesting Birds): Duties include working with our primary shorebird technician to monitor nesting Wilson’s Plovers, Least Terns, and Black Skimmers, using signs and symbolic fencing to protect nesting habitat, resighting of banded birds, and performing public outreach on Saturdays at several locations between Freeport and Matagorda, Texas. Technician will assist with conducting weekly avian surveys to determine nest fate and causes of failure and provide oversight of trapping and banding Wilson’s Plover adults and young. The technician will assist with maintaining all field data electronically and conducting a basic data analysis of these data to include in an interim report. Job Description (Rollover Pass Closure): Duties include pre-work and hourly surveys for endangered species (Piping Plover, Red Knots, sea turtles) within construction buffer zone, notifying construction crew members when work stoppage is required due to endangered species presence, answering construction crew questions concerning endangered species, and required reporting for endangered species presence. Endangered species monitor is required to be present during all construction activities. Note that when construction is delayed on weekends due to weather or other circumstances, weekend work may be required if contractor desires to work on the weekend to make up the time. Qualifications: The applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Natural Resources, Wildlife Sciences, or a related discipline, be experienced in avian research, management techniques, and conservation. Experience with Wilson’s Plover, Snowy Plover, Piping Plover, and Red Knot identification, surveying, locating nests and re-sighting banded birds is highly desirable. Experience with trapping and banding birds is desired. Successful applicant will attend training for endangered species monitoring which includes turtle sign training. Applicant must be comfortable communicating and working with recreational beach users, volunteers, community members, staff of multiple partner organizations, and contractors. A significant portion of time will be spent viewing birds through binoculars and high-powered scopes, and standing and walking outside along long stretches of beach habitat in hot, sunny conditions. Weather conditions vary and may include cold, strong winds, rain and storms, extreme heat, and high humidity – biting insects will be prevalent throughout the season. Required field housing is available and no pets are accepted. Candidate must be able to physically and mentally work in these conditions. Basic Microsoft Word and Excel skills are required. Report writing skills are desirable. Valid driver's license required. Application Instructions: Send cover letter, resume, 3 references, and unofficial college transcript to: Susan Heath at sheath@gcbo.org. Applications will be accepted for either position separately or both positions together with the latter option favored. Deadline is Friday, March 15, 2019.
  4. Education and Outreach Manager - Job Description 2019.pdf
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