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Davis, Alexander M.

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Davis, Alexander M.

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29 April 2015



Re: Recommendation for Alexander Davis III


To whom it may concern,


I would like to provide support for Alexander Davis III for an AOU/COS travel award. He is in the top 15% of his class in terms of academics.  I have known him since August 2013, when he enrolled in BIO 1113, an introductory biology course for biology majors.  He received a B+ in a class of 69 students.  Alex has shown an ability to adjust following disappointment.  He scored a 65% on the first biology exam, but he was able to score 90+% on 4 of the last 6 exams!  Because I teach both lecture and laboratory sections of that course, I became quite familiar with his academic ability and personality, and invited him to conduct a summer research project. He wrote a project proposal for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship which was funded.  Initially, he was just going to conduct an experiment to test the behavioral responses of house wrens to two model predators.  After conducting a thorough review of the literature, he added a vocalization component to see if the chatter alarm call of wrens also changes according to predator. In the summer of 2014, he collected conducted the experiments.  He remained cheerful, even when his rubber boots developed a leak resulting in his socks always being soaked with water.  Over summer and winter break, he spent countless hours analyzing the video and audio recordings.  He presented his results at the Ohio Avian Research Conference and was awarded the Ohio Wildlife Diversity Award.  He is looking forward to presenting to a national audience, and traveling west of the Mississippi River for the first time.   


Alex is also active outside the classroom.  This year, he was secretary for OSU-Lima’s Student Senate.  He has recently been elected President of the Student Senate to start in Fall 2015.  He is well-liked by classmates and faculty alike, and it is good to see him become more vocal in and outside the classroom.  As we have progressed, he has been able to discuss his research experiences to visiting students and other members of the public as a Student Ambassador on the OSU-Lima campus. 


Alex is one of the top students in Biology at OSU-Lima and would be a good candidate for AOU/COS funding.  I know that should Alex be given a travel award, he will make good use of the research experience it helps provide. I also note that Alex is African American, and by supporting him, you are promoting diversity in the field of ornithology.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.



Jacqueline Augustine


Assistant Professor



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