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RE: Request for encounters of gynandromorphic Black-throated Blue Warblers




After capturing and banding an AHY Black-throated Blue Warbler exhibiting gynandromorphism at our fall banding station at Whigg Meadow, Tennessee, I'm curious about other gynandromorphic encounters of this species, or in other members of Parulidae.  Doing a quick online review, I found 9 independent reports (publications; social media; listservs) of gynandromorphic BTBW.  These include records from New York (4), West Virginia (1), Tennessee (1), Georgia (1), Jamaica (1), with the first published report from California in 1987.


Perhaps there are other observations, so I would appreciate any information.  If interested, please consider sharing the location, date, observer(s)/bander(s), photos showing degree of gynandromorphism and if banded, age and any morphometric data.  Please contact me privately at the email listed below.


Many thanks,


Eric Soehren

esoehren <at> gmail.com



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Happy New Year!

Would it be appropriate to post a job posting for a Lead Educator at Rocky Point on your platform?

The job posting can be found at rpbo.org

Stay safe,



Kathleen E. Burton

Executive Director

Rocky Point Bird Observatory Suite # 170 1581-H Hillside Ave Victoria BC V8T 2C1

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