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Ornithology Exchange
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    Your ornithological societies need your support if they are to continue providing the services that help you pursue your research and your careers. They provide journals to publish your research, grants to help fund your research, travel awards to help you attend professional meetings. They provide mentorships and academic and professional opportunities. They support the Ornithological Council, the Ornithology Exchange, and myriad activities for ornithologists.

    How do you join or renew your membership?

    Please visit MemberSuite for:

    • American Ornithological Society (formerly AOU and COS)
    • Association of Field Ornithologists
    • Raptor Research Foundation
    • Wilson Ornithological Society

    Please visit Waterbird Society for

    • Waterbird Society

    Please visit Society of Canadian Ornithologists for

    • Society of Canadian Ornithologists
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