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  • Wildlife Technician

    • Employer: MEC Environmental Consulting
      Location: Dearborn, MI
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: No value
      Open Until Filled: Yes

    MEC Environmental Consulting is looking for a very, very, part-time Wildlife Technician.  The position must be filled ASAP.  There are two parts to this position.

    First, is essentially serving as back-up to the Senior Wildlife Specialist for transporting injured birds or mammals to the wildlife rehab center in Howell, MI from a manufacturing facility in Dearborn, MI.  It is unlikely that the successful candidate would actually need to transport any wildlife because very few if any wildlife is injured at the facility and those that have been injured have been handled for years by the Senior Wildlife Specialist.  Still, our client requires that a backup be available just in case.

    Second, the successful candidate will assist with the placement of gull effigies on two roofs at a facility in Dearborn, MI.  The effigies are crudely taxidermied gull carcasses used for gull control and serve as the non-lethal control required for the facility’s gull depredation permit.  This work requires approximately 5 hours three times a year, or alternatively approximately 2 hours six times a year- in March, July, and December.  The work is generally scheduled a week in advance but is very dependent on weather conditions, such that MEC sometimes needs to reschedule to the following day.  The roofs are flat and easily accessible by a combination of stairs and 8-foot fixed ladders for one roof, and by a man-lift operated by a third party for the second roof.  Please note that this work must be performed during weekdays.  The client does not allow this work to be done on weekends or holidays.

    Our client requires safety training and a test which typically is done at the facility one morning for approximately 4 hours.  This training is required every two years.  In addition, an annual drug and alcohol test is required, which the successful candidate would need to arrange at a lab in his or her area.  MEC will pay for this testing and time for the successful candidate. 

    The successful candidate should have the minimum of an Associate's Degree, preferably in the sciences and ideally in biology.  He or she must not be averse to industry or the handling of dead or live birds or be fearful of heights.  The successful candidate must be dependable, not use medical or recreational marijuana, have their own transportation and cell phone, and be able to carry up to 35 pounds.  Compensation is $45/hour.  Mileage is also paid at the standard govt rate.  Various PPE is required as well, for which MEC will pay. 

    Ideally, the successful candidate has primary employment in the Greater Detroit metropolitan area to the Lansing, MI area with flexibility to accommodate this very, very part-time position.  

    If interested, please email your resume to Michael Carlson at mecec@comcast.net, stating why you are interested in the position, and how it would mesh with your regular employment.  Thank you. 



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