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  • Outreach Education Assistant

    Susan Meadows
    • Employer: National Audubon Society
      Location: Rockland, Maine
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 03/10/2023
      Open Until Filled: Yes

    The Outreach Education Assistant represents the Seabird Institute (SI) to the public as a narrator aboard puffin watching cruises, and as a greeter and interpreter at the Project Puffin Visitor Center in Rockland, Maine (PPVC). Outreach Education Assistants bring the story of SI’s 50-year history to children, adults, and families, and help people to understand the necessity for this applied conservation work, as well as to inspire them to become personally involved in conservation action as donors and citizen activists.  
    Shared housing may be provided and is located at Audubon's Todd Wildlife Sanctuary, located at 12 Audubon Road, in Bremen, Maine. 

    There are (3) full-time seasonal positions available as detailed below:

    Start Dates:

    • Position (1)
    • Begins early May 2023
    • This position includes working at the visitor center as well as assisting with all chores and logistics for the opening & establishment of Seabird Island Field Camps. 
    • Position (2) and (3)
    • Begin mid-May

    End Dates:

    • (2) positions - August 31st
    •  Position (1) - October 31st
      • This position includes working at the Visitor Center (5) days / week in September and October. 

    FOOD and HOUSING can be provided by Audubon. 


    • Train with Education staff to learn: Audubon and early SI history; how to identify Gulf of Maine seabirds; natural history of the Maine Coast with the goal of working independently as tour interpretive narrator;
    • Serve as interpreter, field naturalist and store-keeper aboard commercial puffin-watching tours departing from New Harbor and Boothbay Harbor to Eastern Egg Rock, offshore in Muscongus Bay;
    • Train with the Project Puffin Visitor Center Manager to learn: operation of point-of-sale system; Visitor Center interpreter, PPVC education programs and inventory management procedures;
    • Maintain inventory and sell books and seabird-related items aboard the commercial tours and at Project Puffin Visitor Center;
    • Assist in writing social media posts and support weekly Seabird Island News publication.
    • Promote SI’s mission, and encourage tour participants and PPVC visitors to financially support the Program;
    •  Participate in Hog Island and/or Seabird Institute educational programming; process sales at Hog Island store as needed;
    • Assist mainland staff with logistics, which includes driving to boat docks, bus and limo stops as needed;
    • Assist mainland-based staff with procurement of supplies, packing groceries, research supplies and mail in waterproof island transport bags; cleaning and filling water jugs for resupplying research stations, etc.;
    • Greet and guide new Seabird Institute volunteers.  Help them with shopping and packing of supplies for the remote island field camps.
    • Work with Island Research Coordinator and additional staff in early/mid-May to assist in set-up of Field Camps on offshore seabird nesting islands. 
    • Ensure shared housing facility is properly and consistently maintained and cleaned.

    Qualifications and Experience:

    • Pursuing bachelor’s degree, already hold a degree, or 2+ years experience in Environmental Education, Environmental Studies, Biology or similar background,
    • Previous experience in environmental education, bird-watching, and/or teaching public programs is desirable.
    • Awareness of Microsoft Office applications.
    • Must be able to spend up to 3 hours at sea (on boats) and withstand rough sea conditions.
    • Excellent communications skills with ability to write clearly. 
    • Must be able to climb over rugged terrain and lift approximately 30 lbs.
    • Must possess a valid driver's license, as well as, familiarity using binoculars.
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    • Familiarity with spotting scopes, point-of-sale register system, camping equipment is desirable.

    Additional Information:

    • Participation ~5 days (although not required) in seabird island field work including, but not limited to, bird counts and weather data collection, 3-hr observation stints from small unheated blinds, bird handling, measuring, banding, data entry and assisting with habitat management projects at an assigned island research site using binoculars (can be provided) and spotting scopes (supplied) to aid in the collection of data as specified by the Island Supervisor;**
    • Living conditions on seabird island; 2-person sized personal tents, which can be provided.  
    • Wood platforms for tents on seabird islands will be provided.  Sleeping bag and ground pad are essential and can be provided.  Drinking water, food and propane for cooking are brought via boat and carried by hand to the field camps.

    **Assistants will be living in primitive camping conditions.  These conditions include no running water, composting toilets, etc.  Solar panels will provide limited electricity.

    To Apply: Send resume to Susie Meadows at susan.meadows@audubon.org

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