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  • Bird Identification Specialist - Ornithology Student

    Guest Rebeka Bird Buddy
    • Employer: Bird Buddy Inc.
      Location: Online
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 11/20/2022
      Open Until Filled: Yes

    Purpose: In cases when AI recognition fails, the ornithology student will be tasked with helping identify birds in the photos taken by an automatic camera.

    Salary: $0.15 per solved ticket (identified bird) ~ $20.00 hourly. 

    About us: Bird Buddy Inc is a young company that is responsible for creating the world’s first-ever smart bird feeder. Paired with a fun app, it notifies you of the feathered visitors in your backyard, takes their photos, and organizes them into a beautiful collection to admire and easily share. 

    Project/Position overview: The Bird Buddy smart bird feeder is equipped with an AI that is currently capable of recognizing around 500 species of feeder birds from around the world. However, it is sometimes incapable of successfully determining the bird in the photo. This is due to a variety of reasons—bad lightning or weather conditions, lack of focus on the bird, or the fact that the model has not been trained for that particular bird species. This is why we employ a number of ornithology specialists to help us correctly identify these birds and further train our AI model.

    Essential job duties and responsibilities:

    • Checking incoming tickets of unrecognized birds on the provided CMS website.
    • Determining the species on each photo or forwarding the issue to a senior ornithology expert.
    • Reporting on the discovery of species that have not yet been included in the CMS.

    Close communication and cooperation with the Bird Buddy team.

    Required knowledge, skills and experience:

    • Intermediate computer and Internet proficiency.
    • Experience with identifying (mostly) seed-eating birds of North America and Europe.
    • Practical written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

    Material and equipment:

    Your own computer / laptop (and/or smartphone) & an Internet connection are required.



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