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  • Avian Point Count/Non-Lethal Management Technician – Oregon

    Guest Richard Rich
    • Employer: Oregon State University
      Location: Jordan Valley, OR
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 02/28/2023
      Open Until Filled: No

    Job Description: Position duration 3/27/23 – 7/15/23 (start and end dates somewhat flexible)

    The Eastern Oregon Sage-Grouse and Raven Project is hiring one technician to conduct avian point counts and remove roadkill from roads in eastern Oregon. The purpose of this position is to provide data on non-lethal management of ravens in greater sage-grouse priority areas for conservation (PACs). Roadkill surveys consist of driving transects and conducting raptor/corvid point counts at each roadkill item found. Once documented, the technician will transport all roadkill found in a small dump trailer to a landfill outside of the PACs. The purpose of removing roadkill is to reduce the amount of subsidy on the landscape for ravens to scavenge from. There will likely be opportunities to assist with other project duties as needed. This could include searching for and monitoring raven nests, using radio telemetry to track greater sage-grouse hens, conducting vegetation surveys at sage-grouse nests, and capturing sage-grouse and/or ravens.

    The greater sage-grouse is a species of management and conservation concern in Oregon and faces numerous threats including habitat loss and fragmentation, invasive annual grasses, an increase in high-severity wildfires, and increasing avian predator densities. Our research aims to understand these mechanisms behind Oregon sage-grouse population declines and study the effects of both lethal and non-lethal management of ravens on sage-grouse reproductive success. This position is critical in providing data on roadkill removal as an alternative to lethal management of ravens. This data collection is in support of graduate student research and long-term research in conjunction with state and federal agencies.

    Study sites are in remote areas of eastern Oregon largely without cell service. Driving 4WD vehicles and towing trailers is required. This position requires long hours spent driving on dirt roads and highways. Weather conditions range from snow/freezing conditions in early spring to 100F+ temperatures by late summer. Technicians will primarily conduct fieldwork by themselves, therefore qualified candidates will be self-motivated, capable of working with little supervision, and have excellent navigation skills.

    Housing is provided in the form of project camp trailers. Some camping may be required to complete data collection.

    Salary: $15.69/hr



    ·       2 years of college level courses in wildlife biology, rangeland ecology, or related field -OR- 2 years of demonstrated experience assisting with field research

    ·       Must be highly organized, possess a strong work ethic, and be capable of working both independently and as part of a team

    ·       Ability to work in inclement weather and live/work in remote conditions

    ·       Ability to safely navigate in remote areas using topographic maps, compass, and GPS

    ·       Capable of safely handling and disposing of decomposing animal carcasses

    ·       Capable of hiking off trail in rugged terrain carrying up to 25lbs of equipment

    ·       Flexibility in work schedule and duties

    ·       Valid Driver’s License

    ·       Satisfactory Criminal History Check


    ·       Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology, Rangeland Ecology, or related field.

    ·       Experience driving 4WD vehicles

    ·       Experience towing and backing up trailers/campers

    ·       Ability to identify western birds by sight and sound

    ·       Experience with bird capture and handling

    ·       Experience using radio telemetry to track wildlife

    ·       Experience working in the sagebrush steppe

    ·       CPR/First Aid Certified

    ·       Demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity


    TO APPLY, please submit an application through the following link on OSU’s website: https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/129625. (Note: the job posting through this link is a single listing for three different position types, so duties and start and end dates may look a bit different). Please indicate in your answer to supplemental question #3 that you are applying to the Avian Point Count/Non-Lethal Management Technician position.

    Questions about the position or application process can be emailed to Stephanie LeQuier and Richard Rich (stephanie.lequier@oregonstate.edu & richard.rich@oregonstate.edu). DO NOT email resumes or cover letters. ONLY APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED THROUGH THE OSU WEBSITE WILL BE CONSIDERED. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until suitable applicants are found.

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