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    Karim Hanna
    • Employer: Archipelago Research and Conservation
      Location: Kauai, HI
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 01/15/2023
      Open Until Filled: Yes

    This is an exciting nine-month full time position to join our team in some of the most beautiful and challenging mountain locations in the Pacific. Continuation of employment may be possible, dependent upon availability of funds, work performance, and operational considerations.

    Key duties will include accessing field sites on multi-day remote camping trips to carry out: 1) surveys to document distribution and relative abundance of seabirds across Kaua‘i, 2) burrow checks, camera deployments and song meter deployments to monitor breeding success 3) management tasks, possibly including social attraction site maintenance and predator control; 4) data entry and analyses of field data.

    The position reports to the ARC Science Director and ARC Field Crew Leader.

    Primary Responsibilities

    The Field Assistant will:

    1. Participate in surveys to document seabird distribution across Kaua‘i and monitor breeding success and relative abundance of Newell’s Shearwaters and Hawaiian


    Petrels at colony sites, using techniques including nocturnal auditory and visual (binoculars, night vision) surveys, burrow cameras, and song meters. Includes logistics management, and equipment maintenance. Other species may be included in surveys.

    Enter field data accurately and diligently onto tablets in the field, cross-reference data in the office and digitize data from burrow cameras. Assist with preparing field data summaries and reports.

    Participate in management tasks for endangered seabirds (or other species) at project sites, potentially including social attraction site maintenance and predator control.

    Participate in conscientious adherence to protocol to prevent the spread of weeds and Rapid Ohia Death and reduce all negative impacts to native species habitat.

    Perform other duties as assigned including ecological monitoring of other species, public outreach and administration.

    Participate in assuring proper maintenance of project vehicles and care of project equipment. All work must be in accordance with ARC policies and guidelines.


    Fore more details, follow this link to our website


    ARC_Field Assistant_2023_Job Posting.pdf

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