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  • Raptor Rehabilitation Technician

    Guest kklebe@worldbirdsanctuary.org
    • Employer: World Bird Sanctuary
      Location: Valley Park, MO
      Country: United States
      Last Date to Apply: 03/01/2023
      Open Until Filled: Yes

    About World Bird Sanctuary:

    World Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of wild bird species. We do this through our four pillars of Rehabilitation, Conservation, Education, and Advocacy. Our Rehabilitation Hospital cares for over 600 wild raptors annually as well as provides medical care for a collection of over 200 permanent resident animals. Our hospital currently employs 5 full time staff members, including a full time veterinarian. Our hospital is equipped with surgical equipment, digital radiographic imaging, a lab, and more. We are looking to grow our hospital by adding a full-time staff member who shares our passion for all aspects of our mission and our dedication to top quality patient care.

    Job Summary:
    Rehabilitation Technicians are responsible for all aspects of daily patient care and operation of the rehabilitation hospital. They are under the supervision of both the Hospital Director and Staff Veterinarian. Duties include handling, feeding, medicating, assessing, and treating the injuries of wild raptors, assisting with permanent resident animal care, training volunteers and interns, assisting with surgeries, facility and enclosure cleaning, rescue & release, and any other duties that pertain to the care of injured raptors. The technician will be expected to follow established protocols as well as help develop new protocols in order to keep the hospital up to date on the highest standards of medical care. This is a salaried, full-time position consisting of four 10-hour work days. Days may sometimes be longer depending on the caseload and patient need.

    Required Qualifications:

    1+ year experience in wildlife rehabilitation (volunteer and intern experience is acceptable)

    6+ months experience working with raptors (volunteer and intern experience is acceptable)

    Must be knowledgeable in appropriate methods of catching and restraining raptors and capable of both performing them and teaching them to others.

    Must be familiar with avian anatomy and capable of examining and assessing injuries as well as coming up with a treatment plan for them.

    Must be capable of calculating and administering IM, SQ, and PO meds, fluids, and tubing diets to birds of prey.

    Experience with bandaging and wound cleaning techniques.

    Must be comfortable working long hours on feet in a variety of weather conditions.

    Must have good observation and communication skills.

    Must work well with others and be comfortable training and supervising volunteers and interns.

    Must possess a valid US driver's license and be comfortable driving a van on highways and city streets.

    Must be self-motivated and disciplined to perform in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.


    Preferred Qualifications:

    Completed degree in veterinary or biological sciences or related field.

    Familiarity with taking and reading radiographs. 

    Familiarity with basic lab diagnostics such as fecal floats, CBC, PCV, and TS.

    Experience with running anesthesia equipment and assisting with surgeries

    Experience performing gross necropsies.


    Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

    Oversee daily hospital treatments and ensure that daily tasks get done in a timely manner.

    Organize patients by priority of care.

    Prepare and administer medications, fluids, and tube feedings.

    Perform daily weight checks and clean cages of all inside birds.

    Provide medical treatments such as bandage changes, wound cleaning, and physical therapy for both wild patients and collection animals. 

    Update patient dietary needs and assist in the preparation of food.

    Monitor indoor and outdoor patients for any potential health problems and report them to the Staff Veterinarian.

    Assess patients’ progress to determine when they are ready to move to the next stage of rehabilitation.

    Perform intake exams on new patients and triage them.

    Perform weekly exams and weight checks on outdoor patients.

    Maintain a high standard of cleanliness of equipment, facilities, and indoor and outdoor enclosures.

    Collect samples and perform lab diagnostics such as fecals, basic blood work, CBCs, and chemistries.

    Assist staff vet with surgeries and anesthesia.

    Perform radiographs and read radiographic images.

    Enter patient data into computer records. Make detailed records of all patient care.

    Perform maintenance on outdoor enclosures and perches.

    Interact professionally and courteously with the public both on site and on the phone.

    Coordinate rescue attempts of potential new patients with the finders and rescue group.

    Direct volunteers and interns in assisting with daily patient care and facilities cleaning.

    Train and supervise volunteers and interns on a variety of tasks until they are capable of performing those tasks unsupervised.

    Follow WBS’s existing hospital protocols and assist in developing new protocols in order to keep WBS’s Rehabilitation Hospital up to date on best medical practices and techniques.

    Adhere to World Bird Sanctuary’s overall policies and code of conduct.

    Communicate effectively with team members and report relevant information to the Hospital Director and Staff Veterinarian.

    Work as a team with fellow staff and contribute to the growth and future development of the Rehabilitation Hospital and Sanctuary as a whole

    Other duties as required.


    Salary and Benefits:

    $2,080/month, or more depending on experience

    On-site housing available for first 3 months

    Paid time off and holidays

    Paid sick leave

    Options for health, vision, and dental insurance

    403b retirement plan with 3% matching contribution

    To Apply:

    Send resume, cover letter, and three professional references to kklebe@worldbirdsanctuary.org

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