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  • PhD Studentship

    Guest Piotr Minias
    • Employer: University of Lodz
      Location: Lodz
      Country: Poland
      Last Date to Apply: 06/09/2023
      Open Until Filled: No

    PhD in urban evolutionary ecology

    We search for a PhD student for the project “Microevolution of urban life - genetic mechanisms of animal urbanization” led by prof. Piotr Minias at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, Poland.


    Background: The aim of this project will be to test for genetic adaptations associated with the process of urbanization in a nonpasserine bird, the Eurasian coot. The project will have two major axes:

    1. Pathogen-recognition genes. Urban environment is associated with specific pathogen faunas, which may largely differ from those found in natural habitats. Hence, genes responsible for pathogen recognition should rapidly respond to the changes in pathogen pressure during the process of urban colonization. In this project, we plan to test whether the process of urbanization generates differentiation at the key immune receptors of the innate and acquired immune system, i.e. toll-like receptors (TLRs) and the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC).

    2. New candidate genes. To identify new genes that could be associated with urbanization processes in coots we will perform a genome-wide screening of SNPs and genome-wide association study, comparing natural and urban populations.


    Expected duties: assistance in sample collection (capturing birds and blood sampling), laboratory work (DNA isolation, PCR, preparation of NGS libraries), analyses of DNA sequences, statistical analyses and bioinformatics, preparation of manuscripts.

    Employment: Four-year doctoral stipend ranging from 3000 PLN/month (first year) to 4000 PLN/month (fourth year). Additional scientific stipend of 1500 PLN/month will be granted for the entire duration of the project (2023-2027).

    How to apply: Send your application via e-mail to Piotr Minias (piotr.minias@biol.uni.lodz.pl). The application should include letter of interest, CV, publication record, description of research achievements. The applications are open until 10.06.2023. Please also contact Piotr Minias for more details of the project.

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