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Providing resources to women in ornithology.
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  2. http://www.knutielab.com/women-in-science.html Popular Articles: The Untold History of Women in Science and Technology A 9-Year-Old’s Letter to Obama About Putting a Woman on U.S. Currency — and His Response (March 2015) Speaking While Female (January 2015) Slate.com: Don't worry your pretty little heads (November 2014) 10 Simple Words Every Girl Should Learn (May 2014) The End of Male Supremacy (March 2015) The Future of the Post-doc (April 2015) Radio: Science Friday: Writing Women Back Into Science (March 20, 2015) My Favorite Blogs: Isis the Scientist SoapboxScience Dynamic Ecology | Women-in-Science The Controversy: John Oliver takes on Miss America's "Scholarship" program John Oliver takes on the Wage Gap
  3. There's a new virtual exhibition on early women in science, including some ornithologists, at the biodiversity library exhibition. http://earlywomeninscience.biodiversityexhibition.com/en
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