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    AOS Student and Postdoctoral Research Awards

    Melanie Colón

    The American Ornithological Society (AOS) provides awards for student and postdoctoral research in various areas of avian biology. Applicants must be members of AOS. The Mewalt-King and Joseph Grinnell awards were formerly given by the Cooper Ornithological Society; all other awards were formerly recognized by the American Ornithologists' Union.

    AOS offers the following awards:

    1. Donald L. Bleitz Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology.
    2. Herbert and Betty Carnes Award: Stipulates that recipients must be females and non-smokers (i.e., have not smoked for at least the previous six months).
    3. Joseph Grinnell Award: Supports beginning research efforts of Ph.D. graduate students in their first or second year of enrollment, in any aspect of avian biology.
    4. Werner and Hildegard Hesse Award: Supports students in ornithological research, with preference given to those studying wild birds. The Hesses’ were leaders in amateur ornithology, and were especially interested in contributing to the long-term monitoring of population change in birds of the Pacific Coast.
    5. Mewaldt-King Award: Supports research in any area of ornithology that relates to the conservation of birds. Studies of species from threatened ecosystems or that reference large-scale conservation issues such as climate or landscape change are especially relevant, as are studies that involve demographics, breeding biology, or disease ecology of species that are endangered, threatened, or otherwise of management concern.
    6. Margaret Morse Nice Award: Designated to encourage ornithological research by female graduate students.
    7. Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Research Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology.
    8. Alexander Wetmore Memorial Research Award: Supports research in avian systematics, paleo-ornithology, biogeography, and especially neotropical biology; Latin American students are encouraged to apply.
    9. AOS Research Grants Award: Supports research in all areas of avian biology.

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