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Fundacion Migres Launches a Training Program in the Straight of Gibraltar

ruth tingay

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Migres Foundation is conducting the Migres Program which is a scientific program for the long-term study and monitoring of migratory birds through the Strait of Gibraltar. Since 1997, Migres Program is based on systematic and standardised bird counting which provides comparable results year after year. Furthermore, Migres actively contributes to environmental education and social awareness of bird and habitat conservation.

In 2013, Migres is launching a training  program for people interested in bird identification, census techniques and migratory bird studies. Participants will learn from experienced Migres staff and help in the monitoring programme. More details can be found at the Migres Foundation website http://www.fundacionmigres.org/ or ask for additional information at colaboradores@fundacionmigres.org.



Join Migres Foundation as a partner in monitoring bird migration in 2013. Be part of the research team Migres Foundation for 15 days to train you and work on the study and monitoring of migratory birds in the Strait of Gibraltar!
Audience: Adult persons who want to train.
Dates: Select your shift between July 15 and November 30.
Registration fee: 850 €
All information here
Download the registration form



Join Migres Foundation as a collaborator for the for the 2013 campaign of bird migration monitoring.Be part of MIGRES Foundation Research Group and enjoy 15 days of training. Enjoy the study and tracking of migratory birds in the Strait of Gibraltar!
Program beneficiary: Adults who want to train as researchers.
Dates: Choose your turn Noviember Between July 15th and 30th.
Registration fee: 850 €
All the information is here
Download the application form

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