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Sheepdog 'bodyguards' protect endangered penguins from foxes, saving them from extinction

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Public Domain AU GOV
"No foxes have killed penguins in the past seven years"


This is clever. Very clever. Sheepdogs are bred and trained to protect sheep against wolves, but that doesn't mean that their skills can't be used to protect different animals against other species of predators. This is exactly what the Maremma Project did on Warrnambool’s Middle Island, off the south coast of Australia. They took 2 Maremma sheepdogs, a breed originally from central Italy, and brought them to the island to protect a dwindling and seriously endangered population of Little Penguins from foxes.

Read more: http://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/sheepdog-bodyguard-protect-endangered-penguins-foxes-autralia.html

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