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Small grants for nature conservation in developing countries

Melanie Colón

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The Rufford Foundation provides funding for small nature/biodiversity conservation projects and pilot programmes in developing countries. (https://apply.ruffordsmallgrants.org/)


General Criteria for All Grants

  • Projects should focus on nature conservation activities in developing countries.
  • The grant requested must make up a significant part of the total budget.
  • The project should normally be of 12 to 18 months duration although each application is assessed on its own merit and the project length can be flexible.
  • Funds must be used predominantly for field-based activities.
  • The impact of the project must be pragmatic, measurable and long lasting.

General Exclusions for All Grants

The following types of projects will not generally be eligible:

  • Projects in developed countries.
  • Pure research with no obvious conservation benefit.
  • Expeditions, particularly where the applicant has to raise funds in order to participate.
  • Attending conferences or seminars.

    The Rufford Small Grants Foundation provides a staged funding process with five
    different types of grant. In sequence, these are:

    Rufford Small Grant (up to £6,000)
    2nd Rufford Small Grant (up to £6,000)
    Booster Grant (up to £12,000)
    Continuation Grant (up to £25,000)
    Completion Grant (up to £25,000)

    More more information visit their website (https://apply.ruffordsmallgrants.org)
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