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Request for Proposals for the Webless Migratory Game Bird Program (2011)

Chris Merkord

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This announcement serves as a Request for Proposals for the Webless Migratory Game Bird Program (WMGBP) for Fiscal Year 2012 (starting October 1, 2011). The primary purpose of the WMGBP is to support activities that will improve management of the 16 species of migratory shore and upland game birds (MSUGBs) in North America. The Migratory Shore and Upland Game Bird Support Task Force, organized through the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, developed a set of priority information needs by convening a series of workshops. The workshops included broad representation (i.e., federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and university researchers) familiar with the research and management needs for these species. Priorities identified at the workshops should be used to guide proposal development and will be used by the review committee to select projects that address these priority information needs.


Priorities are available at http://www.grants.gov/search/synopsis.do;jsessionid=wYZ5TW3GvpDgjH7Z3L4JFnnFh3LD5qGN4z2p9t1ngwtlXZz4nrTm!-147358973 or by contacting the program manager at tom_cooper@fws.gov. The US Fish and Wildlife Service will oversee the WMGBP including administration of grants, purchase orders, and contracts for projects.


Thomas Cooper

Wildlife Biologist

Phone 612-713-5338


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