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Marshbird Summit Conservation and Management report now available

Fern Davies

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After several years of discussions among those concerned about marshbird conservation and management, including two summit meetings (1998, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center and 2006, Mobile, AL); years of testing a standardized monitoring protocol; and the piloting of a sample design to estimate spatial and temporal variation in abundance, a steering committee of the stakeholders has now completed and released a report entitled, "Monitoring Marshbirds to Inform Sound Conservation and Management Decisions at Multiple Scales." The document is attached to this post. 


The steering committee members - Mark Seamans, Jennifer Wheeler, Katie Koch, Tom Cooper, Courtney Conway, Chris Dwyer, and Greg Shriver - stated that the document sets the course for a national marshbird program built around addressing the highest-priority large-scale marshbird issues.  It suggests approaches for each issue as well as making recommendations for continued coordination across scales and regions. They strongly urged that working groups and stakeholders identified in the document to continue working towards  a detailed prospectus with information on cost estimates, implementation schedules and outcomes which could be used by administrators and funders to direct staff time and funding.

Monitoring _Marshbirds_Sound_Decisions-1.pdf

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