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AFO Afield Newsletter -­ December 2010

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Greetings and Happy New Year from the Association of Field Ornithologists -


The latest edition of the association's newsletter, AFO Afield, can be accessed online at:




Also please note the following:

  • If you have not done so already, please renew your membership in AFO soon. As the newsletter will reveal AFO supports the study and conservation of birds in multiple ways throughout the year. Without the support of members, none of this is possible.
  • A reminder that the AFO is now giving an award for the best paper published by a student in each volume of Journal of Field Ornithology. A committee of AFO council members and evaluates student papers based on the quality, significance and potential impact of the research. To be eligible for the award, the lead author on the paper must have been an undergraduate, M.S., or Ph.D. candidate at the time that the data were collected and analyzed and when the first draft(s) of the manuscript was completed. The lead author must also have played a significant role in data collection, data analysis, and preparation of the manuscript. Collaborative efforts between two or more students can qualify for a joint award. The recipient of the award is announced at the AFO’s annual meeting and in the Journal of Field Ornithology. The recipient is invited to give a special presentation of their work at the annual meeting, and receives funds to help cover the cost s of traveling to the meeting. For further information, please see: http://www.afonet.or...ublication.html or contact Dr. Diane Neudorf, Chair of the Best Student Publication Committee, at neudorf@shsu.edu.

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