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Women Evolving in Biological Sciences 2013 Symposium

Fern Davies

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We are writing to introduce you to WEBS (Women Evolving Biological

Sciences), an annual three-day symposium aimed at addressing the retention

of female scientists and issues related to the transition of women from

early career stages to tenure track positions and leadership roles in

academic and research settings. Past WEBS symposia in 2007, 2008, 2010 and

2011 were huge successes. Early career participants as well as our senior

scientist panelists reported feeling inspired and equipped with new

connections and tools that they expect will help them in their career in

the years to come. We would appreciate your assistance in passing along

this information to any of your colleagues who you think will be interested

in our program.


WEBS will target early career women in the Biological Sciences with an

emphasis on ecology and evolutionary biology. In particular, it will focus

on women who have earned their doctoral degrees within the past two to

eight years and who do not have tenure in order to address the critical

transition period from graduate studies and post-doctoral positions to

permanent research and teaching positions. The symposium will provide a

forum for professional development, including awareness and improvement of

academic leadership skills; opportunities to establish mentoring

relationships; and resources for developing professional networks. The 2013

symposium will be held at NESCent (National Evolutionary Synthesis Center)

in Durham, NC, October 16-19, 2013.


Please visit our website (http://www.webs.washington.edu) for details and

application materials. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might

have (websinfo@u.washington.edu). Applications open March 1, 2013 and will

be due on April 15, 2013.




** **


Claire Horner-Devine, Ph.D.

Joyce Yen, Ph.D.

Samantha Forde, Ph.D.

University of Washington

Moore Foundation





Webslist mailing list



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