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M. Philip Kahl

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M. Philip Kahl, member of the AOU since 1952 (Elective member since 1967), AFO 1979, COS 1968, and WOS 1953, died 4 Dec 2012 at the age of 78 in his sleep at home in Sedona, AZ, unaware that he had a massive brain tumor. His ornithology work focused on wading birds, particularly storks, for which he became an authority. He was a co-author of Storks, Ibises and Spoonbills of the World. His more recent work has dealt with elephant behavior. His insatiable curiosity and drive to understand led to a MacArthur Fellowship in 1988. His wildlife photography skills led to a long association with the National Geographic Society, including a 1969 National Geographic cover of an elephant in the Kenyan savannah.

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