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Nominations for AOU Fellows and Elective Members for 2013

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NOMINATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP CLASSES OF Fellow and Elective Member of the AOU are due 13 April 2013. Fellows and Elective Members are encouraged to submit nominations of deserving colleagues. Nominations and full supporting information are to be supplied by the nominators. Lists of current Fellows and Elective Members are available on the AOU website (http://www.aou.org/membership/special.php3). Nominators seeking to endorse a nominee must first obtain the instructions and forms for 2013, available on the AOU web site (http://www.aou.org/nominations.php3) or from the Secretary, SARA R. MORRIS, Department of Biology, Canisius College, 2001 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14208 USA (PH: 716-888-2567, FX: 716-888-3157, EM:secretary@aou.org). For ELECTIVE MEMBER nominations, the Secretary will compile and prepare information for electronic balloting. Current Fellows and Elective Members will be contacted in June 2013 with information about accessing the biographical information and instructions for voting. For FELLOW nominations, the Secretary will compile and prepare packets to be sent to current Fellows in June 2013. Voting will take place at the Fellows Meeting on the first evening of the NAOC-V in August. The names of the newly-elected Elective Members and Fellows will be announced at the 2013 Business Meeting of AOU members in Chicago.

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