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Nominations for AOU Officers and Elective Councilors for 2013

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NOMINATIONS FOR AOU OFFICERS AND ELECTIVE COUNCILORS must be received by the Secretary four months before the Stated Meeting. Thus, this year nominations are due 13 Apr 2013. Officers will be elected by electronic and postal ballot prior to the meeting, and the new officers will be announced at the Business Meeting of Members. Officers to be elected will be Secretary, Treasurer, and four Elective Councilors (three-year terms). At the conclusion of the 131st Stated Meeting, Susan M. Haig will begin her second year as President and Scott M. Lanyon will begin his second year as President-Elect. The Bylaws of the AOU require that the Secretary and Treasurer be elected or re-elected annually. The incumbent Secretary (Sara R. Morris) and Treasurer (James Herkert) are willing to stand for re-election. Of the total of twelve Elective Councilors, four are elected annually to serve terms of approximately three years, beginning at the close of the Stated Meeting. Elective Councilors ending their terms at the conclusion of the 131st Stated Meeting in 2013 are Ronald L. Mumme, Jennifer C. Owen, Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza, and Brett K. Sandercock. Continuing to serve in 2013-2014 will be Elective Councilors Daniel R. Ardia, Maria Del Coro Arizmendi, Rebecca T. Kimball, Irby J. Lovette, Jorge L. Perez-Eman Scott K. Robinson, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, and Kevin Winker. The procedure for nominating AOU officers and Elective Councilors is outlined in the Bylaws (Art IV, Sec 2). “Each Fellow and Elective Member shall be invited to nominate to the Secretary, persons for President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Elective Councilors. These nominations shall be received by the Secretary four months before the Stated Meeting. Nominations for all Officers and Elective Councilors must be accompanied by documented consent of the nominee.” Nominations may be submitted in writing, or electronically to the Secretary, SARA R. MORRIS, Department of Biology, Canisius College, 2001 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14208 USA (PH: 716-888-2567, FX: 716-888-3157, EM: secretary@aou.org).

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