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Report of the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Cooper Ornithological Society

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The Cooper Ornithological Society held its 82nd annual meeting 14-18 Aug 2012, in conjunction with NAOC-V in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • The Society's Loye and Alden Miller Research Award for lifetime achievement in ornithological research was presented to THOMAS E. MARTIN, Senior Scientist and Assistant Unit Leader of the USGS Montana Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Montana. A full citation will be published in The Condor 115(1).
  • First awarded in 2009, the Young Professional Award recognizes early-career researchers for their outstanding scientific research and contributions to the ornithological profession. In 2012, the society awarded two Young Professional Awards to: LUCIANO NAKA, Universidade Federal de Roraima, Brazil, for "Timing of avian diversification and the role of Amazonian rivers in the speciation process", and MORGAN TINGLEY, Princeton University, for "Grinnell's legacy: effects of a century of climate change on species occurrence and community composition in the Sierra Nevada".
  • The A. Brazier Howell Award was given to CONOR TAFF, University of California, Davis for his presentation with Peter Dunn and Corey Freeman-Gallant, "Breeding density and spatial distribution of nests constrain the strength of sexual selection in a warbler".
  • The Frances F. Roberts Award was presented to KATHRYN LANGIN, Colorado State University, with Scott Sillett, Chris Funk, Scott Morrison, and Cameron Ghalambor, for "Divergence with gene flow: local adaptation in bill morphology within a single-island endemic, the Island Scrub Jay".
  • Two COS Board of Directors awards were awarded: to SHANE DUBAY, for his presentation with Christopher Witt, University of New Mexico, "Diversification by local adaptation to altitude in Andean tit-tyrants", and KATRINA LUKIANCHUK, for her poster with Stephanie Doucet, University of Winsor, "Social hierarchy and the development of dancing ability in young Long-tailed Manakins".
  • Student Travel Awardees were presented jointly at NAOC-V and are listed in the October 2012 Ornithological Newsletter, No. 210.
  • The members of the Society, through online balloting, elected CARLA CICERO, RENEE DUCKWORTH, and THOMAS MARTIN to three year terms as members of the Board of Directors.
  • In the Board of Directors' meetings, the following individuals were elected to or continue in office: KIMBERLY A. SULLIVAN, President; FRANK MOORE, President elect; ABBY POWELL, Secretary; T. J. FONTAINE, Assistant Secretary; JEFF KELLY, Treasurer; MARGARET PETERSEN, Assistant Treasurer, MICHAEL PATTEN, Editor-in-Chief of The Condor, and BRETT SANDERCOCK, Editor of Studies in Avian Biology.
  • The next annual meeting of the Cooper Ornithological Society will be held in conjunction with the AOU 13-17 Aug 2013, in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting will be hosted by the Field Museum and the local committee chair is JOHN BATES.

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