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SORA upgrade!

Fern Davies

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SORA 2.0 UPGRADE NOW AVAILABLE: The new URL to the site is http://sora.unm.edu


Recently the University of New Mexico Library officially announced the launch of the new, upgraded Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA). The ornithological community is once again indebted to the UNM library for investing in the open access distribution of our historical ornithological literature. We especially thank Kevin Comerford, the Digital Initiatives Librarian, and Blair Wolf, Associate Professor of Biology, for their ongoing efforts. Kevin sends the following message:


Please take a moment to review the new features available on the site, and feel free to contact him if you have questions or need help. SORA has been moved to a new platform that will allow the resource to grow and expand over time. Many of the SORA journal titles have been updated with additional articles, and a new ornithological title has been added to the site. SORA now offers a number of new features for users and provides tools for journal publishers to update the SORA repository directly, with little or no technical support.


Special Note: Kevin has received a number of inquiries about the new user account feature in SORA. Please note that you do not need a user account to search, browse or download SORA articles. User accounts are an optional feature that provides added benefits which are explained below. However SORA remains a free and open access scientific repository.


All of these improvements have been needed for some time, and the UNM Libraries SORA team appreciates your collective patience; it has taken over a year to convert the entire SORA article holdings and prepare the new site for production. A number of ongoing improvements are still in the works for 2013, and as with any major system upgrade, there are a countless number of small details that still require attention. If you have trouble with any of the new features or notice a fix that needs to be made, please send the SORA team an email using the CONTACT US link on the SORA top menu bar.

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