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Seeking Bird Lithographs and Have A Rare Set Well Under Value!


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I hope this post finds you well.


Does anyone on this forum have / collect Bird lithographs?


I am specifically looking for individual lithographs from the Amsterdam Edition of John James Audubon’s The Birds of America.


I will gladly pay a reasonable price and I have already tried many of the dealers that specialize in this area with no success.


Also, in the event anyone is interested, I have a rare and collectable Birds of America set currently on the market at a very low price relative to its value (looking to buy some of the lithographs with the proceeds so am fairly motivated.)


It’s a remarkable and gorgeous reprint of the esteemed Octavo edition and quite a find as there are only two copies (of the complete set) on the market at $2,000 and up.


This set will likely go for a fraction of that so there is a lot of money on the table here for someone...


In fact, a later and less desirable edition by the same publisher recently sold for over $1,000.


On that note, the link is:



Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this and please email me if you have (or know where I might locate) the aforementioned lithographs.


As mentioned, I am prepared to purchase some for a reasonable price!


Thanks again for your time!

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