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Free limited access to some JSTOR titles

Chris Merkord

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I've seen news stories in various places over the last few days talking about JSTOR's new Register and Read program. Here are some of the articles I've run across:

Basically, the new program lets anyone sign up for access to view up to 3 articles online every 2 weeks. You can view online but you can't download PDFs. It's not much, but its better than nothing. Of course you have to provide some personal details when you register, which I suspect are to be sold to JSTOR's partners for advertising purposes, although I don't know that for sure.

Journals of interest to ornithologists in the list of available titles include (in no particular order):

  • Journal of Avian Biology
  • Wilson Journal of Ornithology
  • Journal of Field Ornithology
  • Waterbirds
  • Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery
  • Avian Diseases

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