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The Evergreen State College is offering a summer course in Field Ornithology in July-August 2023. Below is a general description of the course with links providing more information.  This course would be suitable for people interested in learning common field methodologies used to study birds including bird banding, point-counts/transect-surveys, and bioacoustics monitoring. It is relatively easy to register for summer classes at Evergreen as a special student and transcripts/application fees are not required (here is a link with more information Summer Session | The Evergreen State College).  

General Course Description: 

Birds undertake a suite of distinct activities over the course of their annual life cycle, including breeding, molt, and migration. Understanding the varying strategies deployed by different bird species to complete these activities offers important conservation-related insights. Differences in strategies reveal the constraints they face in an environment changing with advancing climate disruption.  The variety of habitats in the Washington Cascade Mountains offers an opportunity to explore such strategies in depth through intensive field ornithology.  This class provides an opportunity to develop ornithological field skills while collecting data on variation in evolutionary strategies for breeding, molting and migration through the application of observational and hands-on ornithological techniques, including an intensive bird-netting and banding operation at a variety of elevations from riparian scrub to montane meadows. 

Link to full catalog description: Field Ornithology | The Evergreen State College 

Link to wordpress site with more detailed informationField Ornithology .

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the faculty (contact information below).   

Alison Styring, Ph.D.

Member of the Faculty, Ornithology
The Evergreen State College
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Sem II, C4110
Olympia, WA 98505
(360) 867-6837


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