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VertNet Steering Committee Position

Carla Cicero

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2 NEW At-Large VerNet Steering Committee Positions Open


VertNet is a community data sharing project built around solving solutions regarding scale and sustainability of biodiversity data publishing networks. VertNet is built by the community for the community. Given its strong focus on community involvement, we seek two (2) new at-large members to join the VertNet Steering Committee. The purpose of the Steering Committee is “to provide scientific, technical, and managerial guidance and support to the VertNet project team and to serve as the primary engine for outreach to the collections community.” The current steering committee composition and more about the project can be found at http://vertnet.org/ and http://vertnet.org/help/contact.php.


Steering Committee members will work with the VertNet project team to: (1) develop and expand the network of data contributors participating in VertNet through outreach, including, but not limited to, those activities defined in the project narrative approved and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF); (2) identify opportunities and help secure funding for VertNet staff and the development and maintenance of VertNet beyond the NSF funding period; and (3) work with the VertNet team to develop a sustainability plan for VertNet.


Responsibilities of all Steering Committee members include:

  • Participate in monthly conference call discussions, email correspondence, and additional meetings as necessary.
  • Review project documents, reports, and outreach plans
  • Provide guidance and direction to VN Project PIs and team members on matters including, but not limited to, science and research, project management, funding raising, and the creation and development of outreach activities.
  • Represent and promote VertNet tools and services to professional societies and interest groups, the collections community (domestically and abroad), government agencies, biodiversity scientists and researchers, informaticians, educators, and the general public.
  • Other responsibilities as necessary.

The term for each At-Large member will be one (1) year with the opportunity for renewal at the completion of the term. At-Large members should have significant experience in at least one of the following:

  • collection management
  • informatics development and big data
  • community and academic outreach
  • biodiversity-oriented research
  • business management and sustainability
  • grant writing and fundraising

VertNet welcomes applications from members of the private, non-profit, academic, governmental, and broad biodiversity communities.


“Service on the committee is recognized throughout the community, provides a chance to understand a key set of social and technical processes governing data sharing projects, and is simply rewarding on many levels, from professional contacts to engagement on key issues.” - VertNet Steering Committee Chair, Dr. Robert Guralnick.


Applicants may be resident in any location, but must be able to attend regular “virtual” meetings during the hours of 10am-4pm Pacific Time in the United States.


To apply, please complete the application on the VertNet web site. Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on January 11th, 2013.

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