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Bibliography of South Asian Ornithology (1713–2022)


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I have uploaded an 'author' bibliography of South Asian Ornithology (1713–2022) as a 14 MB PDF (1418 pp.) on www.indianbirds.in, under the LINKS tab. It is entitled: Author bibliography of South Asian Ornithology (1 ed.). [https://indianbirds.in/pdfs/Pittie_BibliographySouthAsianOrnithology1713%E2%80%932022_14032022_Small.pdf]

Given its size (c. 8 million characters), it is natural that errors have crept in. In compiling it, my aim has been to preserve, and present, as much as possible, the published record of South Asian Ornithology. Since 2011, this database, searchable with keywords, has existed at the website URL: www.southasiaornith.in. I update it almost daily; ornithologists have found it beneficial to their work.

In presenting it now, in this PDF, I have one motive — to make it as accurate as possible. This can be done by you, as you peruse it, either casually, or by going directly to your name. If you come across mistakes, please e-mail me the emendations to aasheesh.pittie@gmail.com. In subsequent editions, I will upload corrected versions. This is still a work in progress.

Simultaneously, I am compiling a companion work that is tentatively titled, ‘A bibliography of biographies from South Asian Ornithology’, which will hold short biographies of ornithologists who have passed on, followed by a list of references that are biographical in nature, e.g., obituaries, appreciations, etc. It lists all the authors that find place in this document that is in front of you. My wish is to add the date of birth of every author in that list. But such a task can only be done by you. I hope to bring it to you before the end of March 2022. I seek your help.

Kindly share widely.

Aasheesh Pittie

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