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Pamela and Alexander F. Skutch Research Award

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Dr. Alexander Skutch (1904-2004) is known for his hundreds of scientific papers and more than forty books, focused primarily on the behavior and life histories of Neotropical birds. The Skutch Fund was established by Dr. and Mrs. Skutch following the joint meeting of the Association of Field Ornithologists, Asociacion Ornitologica de Costa Rica, and the American Birding Association in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1997. Dr. Skutch’s intention in establishing the fund was to support the kind of research to which he devoted his life, and especially, to encourage studies of birds by people who live in the new world tropics.


Type of research supported: Awards are intended to support the study of life histories, especially social relations and reproduction, of little known birds of the Continental Neotropics including Trinidad and Tobago, with a minimum of disturbance.


Guidelines: Proposals dealing with theoretical hypothesis testing will not be ranked as highly as those emphasizing empirical data collection on little known species. Emphasis should be on field work involving close observation to elucidate the natural history of little known species.


Eligibility: The award of grants from the Fund should be adequate for the intended study to avoid the need to seek additional funding elsewhere. The grantee may be an amateur or professional ornithologist of any nationality. It is highly desirable that he or she has some previous experience of the region and birds (and if possible, the locality) where he or she will study. Studies sponsored by the Fund should be published in scientific journals. In addition, publication of less technical accounts in popular journals or books should be encouraged.


Frequency and Amount: One award of up to $10,000 USD is offered annually.


Applying for an award: Applications may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Application requirements are described in detail in the Skutch Award Application Form available at: http://www.afonet.org/grants/Skutch/Skutch.html


Deadlines for receipt of applications: Awards will next be made in August 2012. Applications are due 15 July 2012.

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