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Best Student Publication Award

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The Association of Field Ornithologists gives an award for the best paper published by a student or students in each volume of the Journal of Field Ornithology. A committee of AFO officers and councilors will judge and rank papers based on the quality, significance, and potential impact of the research. To be eligible for the award, authors must meet the criteria listed below. Collaborative efforts between two or more students can qualify for a joint award. Individuals applying to have their paper considered must also have their research supervisor (typically the graduate supervisor) confirm that the criteria below are met. The award is announced at the AFO’s annual meeting and in the Journal of Field Ornithology. The award winner(s) will be invited to give a special presentation of their work at the next annual meeting, will receive up to $500 to help cover the costs of traveling to the meeting, and registration costs for the meeting will be waived.


To be eligible for the Best Student Publication Award:


  • The lead author on the paper must have been an undergraduate, M.S., or Ph.D. candidate at the time that the data were collected and analyzed and when the first draft(s) of the manuscript was completed.
  • If the lead author has completed the degree on which they were working while doing the research described in the paper, they must have completed that degree no more than two years prior to the date that the paper was initially submitted.
  • The lead author/student must have played a significant role in data collection, data analysis, and preparation of the manuscript.


If the lead author meets the above criteria and wishes to submit their paper for consideration, they should complete the form below and submit it, by email, to: Dr. Diane Neudorf, Chair of the Best Student Publication Committee, at neudorf@shsu.edu. Applicants must also contact the individual who supervised the research (and who can verify the student’s eligibility) and present this individual with the criteria listed above, asking them to send a separate e-mail to the chair of the committee confirming that the applicant meets the criteria.


Further information and applications are available here

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