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AFO’s Officers and Governing Council

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The AFO's Council oversees all functions of the AFO and meets once yearly, usually in conjunction with the AFO’s annual meeting. If you are interested in assisting with the governance of AFO, or if you would like to nominate a candidate for the AFO council, email the Vice President, who serves as chair of the Nominations Committee.


Officers and Councilors


L. Scott Johnson


Vice President

Kathryn Purcell



Lee H. Robinson



W. Gregory Shriver


Editor, Journal of Field Ornithology

Gary Ritchison


Past President

David N. Bonter


Councilors: Class of 2011

Reed Bowman

Jeffrey Buler

John Cavitt

J. Daniel Lambert

Diane Neudorf


Councilors: Class of 2012

Andrew Farnsworth

Tom Gardali

Michael Lombardo

Victoria McDonald

Paul Rodewald


Councilors: Class of 2013

Daniel R. Ardia

Paul B. Hamel

J. Dylan Maddox

John P. McCarty

Andrea K. Townsend


Associate Editors, Journal of Field Ornithology

Dan Ardia, Juan Ignacia (Nacho) Areta, David Brown, Chris Hill, Jeffery Hoover, Miguel Ângelo Marini, Abby Powell, Tex Sordahl


Recent Past Presidents

David N. Bonter (2009-2010), Cecilia Riley (2007-2008), Eugene Morton (2004-2006), Scott Sutcliffe (2003-2004), Jerry Jackson (2000-2002), Charles Duncan 1997-1999), Elissa Landre (1995-1997), Gregory S. Butcher (1993-1995), Edward H. Burtt Jr. (1991-1993)

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