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Robert Berry Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Fern Davies

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On April 30th, at The Peregrine Fund’s the spring board meeting, The Peregrine Fund and the Raptor Research Foundation presented their first, joint “Partners for Raptors Lifetime Achievement Award” to Robert B. Berry in appreciation of a lifetime of distinguished service to raptors, their biology and conservation, and raptor researchers.

Bob Berry’s accomplishments over a six-decade span are legion. Dating back to the late 1960s when we watched raptor populations in dramatic, DDT-induced declines, Bob’s pioneering work with captive breeding and reintroduction techniques were fundamental in re-establishing populations of Peregrine Falcons across much of North America. These same techniques have been key to many other successful reintroduction projects.

When not working hands-on with Peregrines or Orange-breasted Falcons, Bob and his wife Carol S. Berry have been most generous supporters of graduate students and raptor researchers working on studies and conservation projects and studies of Orange-breasted Falcons, California Condors, Mauritius Kestrels and Old-world Vultures throughout the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

For a more detailed overview of Bob’s remarkable career, please visit the Raptor Research Foundation’s website.

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