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More information on USFWS ePermits login changes

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Registered users of USFWS's ePermits system should have received an email recently, letting them know that the way they login to the ePermits system is changing. All ePermits users are now required to set up a login.gov account, in addition to their account with ePermits (note: those accounts should both use the same email address). 

Instructions from USFWS about how to access your ePermits account are below. 

As always, members of all OC societies should feel free to contact the OC with permitting questions or problems. We're here to help!


Notice from USFWS:

Dear ePermits user,

On Tuesday June 29, 2021, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) will launch a new, simplified login experience for ePermits users through a partnership with Login.gov, an official service of the U.S. Federal Government. As a result of this transition, all ePermits users will be required to login through Login.gov using an email address. We understand that this change might cause some confusion for ePermits users. For that reason, please review the guidance provided below or the help center article to make sure you have a smooth transition.

Step One: Confirm Email Address associated with your ePermits account (DO THIS NOW)

Starting on June 29th, all previous ePermits usernames and passwords will no longer be valid. Moving forward, FWS will link your ePermits and Login.gov accounts by verifying that the email address used in each account matches.

How can I verify what my email address is for my ePermits account?

Log into your ePermits account prior to June 29th.

Note: After June 29th, please contact ePermits Support to request or change your account’s associated email address.  

Click your initials in the top right-hand corner.

Select Profile from the drop-down menu.

Locate your email address.

Step Two: Create a Login.gov Account (Do this before next login)

Since you have created an ePermits account, you will also need to create a Login.gov account. If you do not have a Login.gov account, please follow the directions below. If you have a Login.gov account, please make sure the email address used for Login.gov matches your ePermits account.

Instructions for new Login.gov users: 

Follow these steps to create your Login.gov account.

Enter your email address at https://secure.login.gov/sign_ to begin.

Note: The email address used during your Login.gov registration must match the one associated with your ePermits account.

Click the “Submit” 

Check your email inbox for a message from Login.gov.

Click the “Confirm your email address” button in the message. This will take you back to the Login.gov website.

Create your Login.gov password.

Set up a second layer of security.

As an added layer of protection, Login.gov requires you to set up a second authentication method to keep your account secure. This is referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA). Chose the authentication method that works best for you. Options include:

Authentication application

Security key

PIV or CAC card for federal government employees or military

Text message

Phone call

Backup codes

Success! Once you have authenticated, you have created your Login.gov account.

For more information, please read Login.gov instructions.

Instructions for users with current Login.gov accounts: 

For those that have an existing Login.gov account, please make sure the email address used in Login.gov matches the one associated with your ePermits account. If the email differs, please follow the instructions below to update your email.

Log into your Login.gov account.

Select Your Account

Select the “add email”

Re-enter your account password.

Enter your second layer of security code.

Check your email for a message from Login.gov.

Click the “Confirm your email address” button in the message. This will take you back to the Login.gov website.

Success! Once you have added an additional email to your Login.gov account.

Important Note for Third-Party Business Users

Do you submit permit applications on behalf of another companies or individuals? If yes, if you have not already done so, we recommend that you create your own ePermits business account that is separate from the company or individual. Coming soon, ePermits will be able to connect your ePermits account with your client’s businesses/individual account that will allow you to apply on their behalf. Most importantly, this new functionality will allow you and your client to both view applications and permits online. We will post specific details and instructions about this change on the ePermits homepage as soon as it is available.

Thank you,

USFWS ePermitting Team


About the Ornithological Council

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