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Editor's Choice, Ornitologia Neotropical: Bird Species Community in Leventis Foundation Agricultural Training School Ilesa, Osun State, Southwest Nigeria


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The following article has been published on the Ornithology Exchange. This and other articles can be found under the Articles tab in the navigation menu or by clicking [url='http://ornithologyexchange.org/articles']here[/url].[br][br][size=5][b]Bird Species Community in Leventis Foundation Agricultural Training School Ilesa, Osun State, Southwest Nigeria[/b][/size] [br]Dr. Okosodo Ehi Francis [br][br]

Abundance and Diversity of bird species were studied in Leventis Foundation Agricultural Training School Ilesa South West, Nigeria. The study area was divided into three blocks based on their different land use types. Five transect lines of 1000 m each were randomly placed in each block and Data were collected for six month (Dry and Wet seasons). Transects lines were patrolled three times a week and all birds seen and heard were recorded. Thirty-one bird species were recorded in the school area, Forty seven (47) bird species in the farmland and fifty (50) species encountered in the gallery forest area. In all, a total of 911 individual birds spread across 81 bird species, 32 families and 11 orders were recorded. The Order Passeriformes had the highest frequency (56 %) of the entire number of birds recorded, while the dominant family was Pycnonotidae, comprising (10 %) of the total species One endemic bird species, Ibadan Malimbe (Malimbus ibadanensis), was encountered in the study area. The relative abundance of bird species were higher (0.25 and 0.25) in farmland area than the rest blocks in both seasons of the year, while forest area has (0.21 and 0.17) and school was the lowest in both seasons of the year (0.15 and 0.13). This study showed that the value of Shannon diversity index for bird species was higher in forest block (3.131) than the farmland (2.547) and school area (2.987).

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