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Call for papers about outreach & advocacy

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AOS received the following message from the National Association for Environmental Education and wanted to pass it along for anyone that's interested:


NAEE is all about connecting people and environment via Environmental Education journal 

We are planning future journals with biodiversity and partnerships as a focus - we would really want to include outreach/ research / advocacy work of AFO and AOS  

Hoping you can contribute an overview article- Please find below our guidelines for submitting an article 

Deadline February 1st 

Word count 800 words per page, suggest 2 pages

We are looking for case studies including some quotes from participants if possible.

For examples of our journals, please see here  http://naee.org.uk/ee-journal/
Our curriculum guides are here  http://naee.org.uk/latest-report-from-naee/

Document files
• Articles should be provided in Microsoft Word; arial font; 10 point; single spacing.
• Documents should be clearly named using a versioning system that includes a brief title and the initials of the author.
• The article must include the name of the author at the start  • A short biography of the author should be included at the end, including the name of the organization they represent and a contact email and/or web address.

• Photos must be sent as separate attachments. They should be high-resolution image files (JPEGs or similar); for a 7cm x 5cm printed picture, the original digital image needs to be at least 3MB.
• The photograph files need to be clearly named using the same versioning system as the whole document • The suggested location of photographs should be indicated within the article, using square brackets.
• Captions must be provided for photos/images; names for credit must also be included• All permissions for photograph must have been agreed BEFORE submission to the journal. 

Responsibility for issues of data protection with regard to photographs (and article text) lies with the author and must meet the latest legal Data Protection standards. • The author is responsible for informing the journal of any restrictions on use of photographs for the journal or its other outputs in writing

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