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Letter to COS members from the president regarding SFO

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Dear Cooper Ornithological Society members,


The NAOC-V held in Vancouver, BC was a fantastic meeting. The weather was great, the campus was lovely- even with construction going on all around us, the presentations were consistently excellent and there were many opportunities to discuss avian science. Thanks to Kathy Martin, the local committee and the steering committee for a wonderful meeting.


In 2013, we will travel east to meet with the AOU in Chicago August 13-17 at the historic Palmer House Hotel and the Field Museum. In 2014, we will return to the west to meet with the AOU and SCO September 24-27 at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. I hope to see many of you in Chicago and Estes Park.


I want to update you about the Society for Ornithology (SFO). The future of ornithological societies was discussed both formally and informally throughout the NAOC-V meeting. The AOU and COS decided not to pursue a society merger at this time, instead the two societies are examining how they can continue to function as separate entities while we cooperate on joint ventures. The AOU and COS have formed three task forces to investigate potential areas for society cooperation.


The Publications Task Force chaired by Tom Martin will investigate the available publication options for The Condor and The Auk including commercial and non-profit publishers, and subscription, author pay, and open access models.


The Meetings Task Force chaired by Abby Powell will look at how joint meetings of the AOU and COS can become more efficient, maintain the important traditions of each society, and continue to provide a venue for presenting and discussing exciting new research in ornithology.


The Efficiency Task Force chaired by Bonnie Bowen will compare the operations of these two societies to see where the societies can serve their members better through cooperation. The Web Task Force will work with the Efficiency Task Force on how the two societies can develop a better web presence.


All of the task forces will report to the COS Board of Directors and AOU Council in January with their recommendations. I will keep you informed about the task force recommendations and decisions of the COS Board of Directors.


This year we will be searching for a new editor for The Condor as Michael Patten will be stepping down after serving his five year term. We will also be searching for a web editor, a new position for our society. Please send nominations or self-nominations to myself or Frank Moore for either position.


This is an exciting time for ornithology. It was amazing to see the rapid progress being made on migratory connectivity through the use of geolocators at the NAOC-V meeting. I expect next year's meeting will be just as exciting. I encourage all COS members to actively participate in our society over the next few years as we decide how our society can best support our discipline and the birds we study.


I also want to encourage you to renew your membership so that we can continue to publish our outstanding journal and book series and we can remain a strong society as we look to the future




Kim Sullivan

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