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Second Herons of the World Symposium, 2020

Susan Elbin

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2nd Herons of the World Symposium and Workshop, 2020

The Waterbird Society and the Heron Specialist Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature are organizing and hosting the 2nd Herons of the World Symposium and Workshop as part of the Pan African Ornithological Congress (see www.paoc15.org for updates) in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 16-20 November 2020. The call for abstracts will be announced in the near future but at this time, the organizers would like to see a show of interest and an indication of the potential and committed attendees. If you are considering attending, please let us know if you are a potential or definite attendee and the tentative title of your oral or poster presentation; presentations are not a requirement for participation in the symposium/workshop. The format for this symposium and workshop will be patterned after that of the 1st Herons of the World Symposium and Workshop held in New Bern, USA, in 2016 (see Waterbirds 41:341-44 and Journal of Heron Biology and Conservation (www.heronconservation.org/JHBC/vol03/art05).

Contacts: Symposium – Drs. Chip Weseloh (chip.weseloh@canada.ca) (CANADA), Doug Harebottle (doug.harebottle@spu.ac.za) (SOUTH AFRICA), Clay Green (claygreen@txstate.edu) (USA), Katsutoshi “Kat” Matsunaga (matsunaga@greyheron.org) (JAPAN) and Gopi Sundar (Gopi.sundar@gmail.com) (INDIA); Workshop – Drs. Cathy King (cathy.king@zoolagos.com) (SPAIN) and John Brzorad (John.Brzorad@lr.edu) (USA).

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