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Goals for grants-in-aid of research for visiting scholars:
1.      Increase the number and diversity of graduate students and postdoctoral scientists conducting fieldwork at Archbold (including the Station, Reserve and Buck Island Ranch).
2.      Provide each awardee (2 per year) with a modest financial incentive ($2,000) to defray research-related expenses.
3.      Celebrate our appreciation for the value of student and postdoc field research at Archbold.

Applicants should already be enrolled in a graduate program or appointed as a postdoctoral scientist and studying in any area of field biology.
The proposed work must involve field research conducted at Archbold (including the Station, Reserve or Buck Island Ranch) and/or the immediate area and include at least 4 weeks (cumulative over one year) based on-site at Archbold, as both they and other researchers and students benefit from such interaction.

Awardees will be chosen by the senior scientific staff based on the scientific merit of the application and benefit to Archbold science. Each awardee should have a sponsor on the scientific staff. Applicants are encouraged to speak with staff before submitting a proposal.  
Applicants are to submit a short (maximum 2 page) proposal for field work at Archbold; this might be attached to a longer description of the graduate or postdoc research project. The application should: describe the proposed research; make the case for fieldwork at Archbold; include a list of facilities, equipment and field sites needed to complete the research; and provide a brief budget.

Award funds may be used to offset e.g. travel, supplies, food and lodging costs, other field-related expenses, or a stipend. Archbold facility use fees are waived but scholars are responsible for covering the cost of lodging at Archbold if utilized. Applicants can elect to either receive the funds directly (which will generate a 1099 tax form) or establish an account at Archbold to cover non-stipend research expenses.
Application materials should be emailed to shawkins@archbold-station.org with the subject line Archbold Visiting Scholar. Applicants should also request a letter of reference from their major professor or a faculty member familiar with their research to be emailed to shawkins@archbold-station.org with the subject line Archbold Visiting Scholar Letter of Reference NAME.

Requests for applications will be announced annually by Oct 1st for the following year. Applications for the following year will be due by Nov. 15th. Awards will be announced by Dec. 15th.

Each Scholar will be offered up to $2,000 annually.  Awards are not available for the same individual for two or more years as it would have less impact on increasing the number and diversity of students. Archbold might consider giving the same individual one award for graduate work and another for a further graduate degree or post-doc work, based on scientific merit and at the discretion of the scientific staff. Awardees who change plans and do not conduct their field research at Archbold are expected to return the award.

Applicants must secure the appropriate Federal or State permits for their work. Any studies involving vertebrates at Archbold requires an animal use protocol approved by the IACUC of the researcher's home institution, as well as submission of an Archbold Animal Use Application at least 6 weeks prior to the anticipated start date of the research. 

Scholars will be required to submit a Final Report to Archbold, including a summary expense report, within 1 year of receiving an award. They will also be invited to give a seminar describing their work, typically at the Annual Research Symposium.

Archbold Biological Station is an equal opportunity organization.

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