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2011 WOS Awards and Prizes

Chris Merkord

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Two Louis Agassiz Fuertes Awards ($2500 each) were presented by WOS: to Irene Liu, Duke University, for “Relationship between genetic diversity and extra-pair mating in populations of a songbird” and to Juan Pablo Gomez, University of Florida, for “Turnover of bird communities along a tropical precipitation gradient in Colombia.”


Arch McCallum, Eugene Oregon, won the WOS George A. Hall/ Harold F. Mayfield Award ($1000) for the study “The coevolution of repertoire and syntax in Empidonax and allies.”


Paul A. Stewart Awards ($500 each) were received from WOS by

  • Carol Brackett, East Carolina University, for “Reproductive ecology and population genetics of the King Rail on MacKay Island National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina”
  • Catherine Dale, Queens University, for “Variation in cognition and migratory strategy in a partially migratory passerine”
  • Ryan Germain, University of British Columbia, for “Effects of individual phenotype vs nest site quality on reproductive success in birds”
  • Raphael Lavoie, Queens University, for “Effect of migration patterns on mercury exposure in fish-eating birds”
  • Dugan Maynard, University of Windsor, for “Male quality and female mate choice in a tropical lekking bird, the Long-tailed Manakin”
  • Alyssa Stephenson, California State University at Fullerton, for “Spatial and temporal foraging patterns of nesting Elegant Terns (Thalasseus elegans) in southern California based on GPS tracking”
  • Matt Wilkins, University of Colorado, for “A test of the functional role of Barn Swallow trill rate and its implications for song evolution and population divergence”
  • Theodore Joseph Zenzal, University of Southern Mississippi, for “Habitat and resource use of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) at a coastal stopover site during fall migration”

The Edwards Prize for the best paper published in volume 122 (2010) of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology was awarded to Robb S. A. Kaler, Steve E. Ebbert, Clait E. Braun, and Brett K. Sandercock for "Demography of a reintroduced population of Evermann's Rock Ptarmigan in the Aleutian Islands".


The Storrs L. Olson Prize for the best book review published in volume 122 (2010) of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology was awarded to Storrs L. Olson for his review of "The curse of the Labrador Duck. My obsessive quest to the edge of extinction” by Glen Chilton.


Charlie and Leann Blem received from WOS the 2011 William and Nancy Klamm Service Award.

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